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E Waste Recycling Indianapolis

E Waste Recycling Indianapolis

E-waste is an increasing source of waste in the world. We already produce about 44.7 million metric tonnes yearly, and this number is only set to increase as technology advances and becomes more accessible worldwide. Only 20 percent of the e-waste generated is recorded to be collected and recycled. What happens to 76 percent of the rest of the e-waste is unknown.

What's is E-Waste?

E-waste is any electronic or electrical equipment that has been discarded as waste and is no longer required. E-waste includes almost any business or household item that contains electrical or circuitry components with either battery or power supply. While e-waste is usually considered to symbolize items such as mobile phones, laptops, TV appliances, desktop computers, it also covers items such as washing machines, fridges, home entertainment and stereo systems, and dryers.

E-Waste Recycling Services

Having the latest technological equipment and the latest electronics has become an important part of our daily lives. Sadly, as we continue to upgrade our electronic devices, the more e-waste we collect in our offices and home. At AQS Services, we understand the significance of having the most updated hardware, which is to maximize performance and efficiency.

As one of the leading electronic waste recycling service providers, AQS Services offers e-waste recycling services for all businesses and residents throughout Indianapolis. We provide the most competitive pricing for all the electronic and electric devices you no longer require. Recycling e-waste in Indianapolis is our primary focus, and our e-waste experts have the skills required to recycle and harvest old electronics.

Importance of Proper E-waste Disposal

AQS Services take environmental responsibility seriously. It is why we got into e-waste management in the first place. While technology plays an important role in the world today, electronics are made of toxic materials that are toxic to the environment. Electronic devices are made of a mix of materials which include copper, silver, lithium, gold, cobalt, palladium, and other valuable elements which can be recycled. The electronic devices also include toxic heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, beryllium, lead, and hazardous chemicals, which can cause health problems and harm the environment.

Simply put, if you throw out your old or unused electronic devices, they will likely end up in the landfill where they do not decompose and just sit there. With proper e-waste disposal, you can help keep these items out of the landfill and make sure the reusable components are recycled and put back into use while the harmful products are separated and disposed of properly.

Contact AQS Services to Get Started

Are you considering e-waste recycling Indianapolis? AQS Services is here to serve you with e-waste recycling services. To ensure excellence and top customer satisfaction, AQS Services operate under the highest e-waste regulatory standards.

We look forward to providing you with great service in e-waste recycling Indianapolis and a hassle-free solution. So, when considering electronics recycling in Indianapolis, don't hesitate to contact AQS Services Phone: 630-789-3345 to get started with a free consultation. We look forward to meeting you.

E Waste Recycling Indianapolis
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E Waste Recycling Indianapolis
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E Waste Recycling Indianapolis E Waste Recycling Indianapolis